Window Tinting Law NY

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Window Tinting Law NY

Facts About the Window Tinting Law NY 

Putting tint on car windows has always been popular, but there are certain laws that need to be followed. Some of these laws are for safety reasons. For example, an individual needs to be able to see the environment around their vehicle without difficulty so as to prevent traffic accidents. The endeavor to ‘look cool’ has led to a number of different tint related accidents. In addition to that, you have to consider that many people have less than perfect vision, and with that being the case, window tinting might not always be the best option. New York City is a place where people are constantly walking on the streets, and a thick crowd of pedestrians is always present. In addition to that, you also have to consider that there are various legal issues with law enforcement not being to see inside a vehicle with tinted windows. In other words it is for their safety a well as yours. In 1991, several laws regarding the tinting of car widows were enacted in New York, and they control just how much tinting you can have, as well as which windows you can actually tint Let’s take a look at window tinting law NY so that you can ensure that you stay within the legal limits.

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Getting the Darkest Legal Tint in NY

In terms of your window tinting, the amount of light allowed through your window is known as VLT or Visible Light Transmission. This is the percentage of light allowed through the glass, and this law changes depending upon the are and the type of vehicle that is in use. Let’s take a look at a few different regulations for two different classes of vehicles.


In terms of sedans, the front windshield must be uncovered, though you are allowed to cover the top six inches with tinting if you so desire. In addition to that, on the front and side windows, the VLT must permit for the admission of 70% of light. The rear window however can be coated with whatever darkness the drive desires as there is no law in place for this. On the front and side windows, you cannot use any mirrored or metallic coating for the safety of other drivers. The same applies for the back side windows.


SUVs and vans are fairly similar with the front allowing for the six inches of coverage, and the front side windows calling for 70% of light passage The back window can be used with any darkness. The real difference here is that the rear window can be used with tinting and at any darkness. Just as with sedans, you will not be able to use any mirrored or metallic looking substance.

What is the Darkest Legal Window Tint?

The darkest tint allowed by law sits at 70%, though there are some other items that you will need to take into account. First of all you require dual side mirrors if the back window is tinted, and under no circumstances can your tinted windows be colored. Finally, certification needs to be provided for all tinting, which generally involves a sticker placed on the film, verifying the film is from a certified manufacturer in the state.

Car Window Tinting

Finally, do keep in mind that the tinting laws and regulations of New York could be interpreted differently depending on your county or place of residence. Check the laws and regulations regarding car window tinting in your area first to avoid conflict.


*Disclaimer – For informational purposes only. We are not responsible for the information provided or misused/misinterpreted. Please consult your state laws before you get your windows tinted.

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